Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st

One month into 2012, I’ve actually kept a few resolutions! I’m shocked because when I say I’m going to do something, let alone 14 things, I’m not the best one for follow-through. So here’s where I stand on February 1st:

In 2012, I resolve to live more simply and remember what's most important: L.E., T, family, friends and being happy with what I have.
I haven’t cleaned off the bookshelf yet, which is what inspired the whole “living simply” mantra.

I resolve to make things easier for myself.
I bought a sewing machine. How is learning a new and complicated hobby “making things easier for myself?

I resolve to not be jealous of what others have. I have a pretty good life, despite bouts of depression and feeling overwhelmed.
Not one bout of jealousy yet

I resolve to wear more dresses.
I’m wearing a fabulous dress today.

I resolve to cook more without putting undue pressure on myself. (Last night's risotto didn't turn out great and I cried; it was still 2011)
I’ve cooked like once since I wrote this.

I resolve to write more.
I’m doing ok on this. My company is launching a new website soon and I’ve been put on the blog editorial team. It should be fun, despite my idea for a post being the ONLY ONE that got shot down in our planning meeting.

I resolve to maintain my journal. 

I resolve to run more.
Check check (as long as I stay healthy and the weather is nice)

I resolve to drink less.
I’m shocked by how well I’ve kept this one. Now when I have two glasses of wine, I feel like death the next day.

I resolve to only eat french fries once a week.
I really should have said once a day.

I resolve to be a hard worker at my job and keep a positive attitude.
They’re lucky to have me. I’m a damn good worker.

I resolve that no matter what happens with L.E.'s next hip appointment, I will remain positive for her sake.
Two more months…

I resolve to give more hugs.
L.E. gets most of them.

I resolve to keep at least 2 of these.
Check check check.

Your turn: how are you doing on your resolutions?

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  1. LOVE the dress you're wearing! And love your goals.

    I set monthly goals that I rarely accomplish. But that's okay! It makes me realize I need to make shorter lists!