Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 - 6:40 - More Social Pinning Fun

In a recent post, I explained my obsession with Pinterest. Here we are a few days later and yes, I'm still obsessed. To make it even worse, I discovered Polyvore which takes the whole notion of time-sucking to a new level. I always thought I was pretty good at putting outfits together. Now I get to show off how good I am and even get feedback!
I thought I would detail some practical applications of the social pinning sites so that I can use this post for my work blog, as well. Two birds. One stone.

When preparing for a photo shoot, an art director (AD) needs to figure out many essential elements to make the shoot a success. One of the biggest is wardrobe boards. A look for the shoot needs to be established the and AD needs to convey that look to the client as clearly as possible. The client may have a completely different idea than the AD of what "upscale" and "classy" are. Things could get ugly. We're not all working on Mad Men, after all. So it's best to spec out the wardrobe early on in the planning process so all involved are on the same page stylistically.
Before sites like Pinterest and Polyvore, the AD would have to search endlessly for clothing sites, make screen grabs and import the grabs into Photoshop/Word/Acrobat. To say this was tedious and time-consuming is an understatement. Now, styling a photo shoot is way easier with social networking sites.
I've been playing around with Polyvore and I'm afraid it may be more addictive than Pinterest. It's like being a fashion editor at a magazine. I created a look called Every Day and included my wardrobe staples like a black shirt, skinny jeans, red Frye boots and a Kate Spade bag. I scrolled through their many options of tops, jeans, shoes, bags and jewelry and quickly found an abundance of things I love. It took less than five minutes. The links to the items are embedded in their images, including price, so purchasing is simple, too. And the possibilities are seriously endless. You can even include nail polish colors to your board. Yes!
A nice bonus is that if you and someone on your team disagree on something or you change your mind, it's super-easy to switch out the items on your look.
Of course, once your set is complete, you click the handy Pin It button and voila: your outfit is now on Pinterest where you can hope to get more Re-Pins and Likes. Maybe it will even go viral!
It's easy to get started on Polyvore. You set up an account or use your Facebook login info. Then click the top CREATE header and you're ready to go.
You could easily spend all day on Polyvore. I can't wait to have a photo shoot so that I can build the wardrobe boards. I may even find a few cute things for myself, too.

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