Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Musings (Because I'm Sick and Can't Stop the Brain Drain)

I can't seem to string too many coherent thoughts together so I just decided to write about all of them.

• How am I sick again? I just got over a cold a week ago only to wake up with an even worse one today. All three of us are fountains of snot. If I knew then what I know now, I would have invested in the company that makes Mucinex.

• Last night, I dreamt Pap came home at 1 am and was peeing with the bathroom door open. Then he wanted me to leave him my car so he could meet me for lunch at the salad bar around the corner. I’m not one for dream interpretation so any insight anybody was would be great. It was nice seeing him again, but I could have done without the open-door peeing.

• Yesterday, we went to the first birthday party for my friend S’s daughter. I was nervous about going because my friend is part of a very close-knit group of girls who all went to college together. I always feel like an outsider in this group, not because of any outward cattiness but because of my own insecurity. Also, there was an incident at S’s baby shower where I accidentally smacked L.E.’s head off of a doorway while trying to prevent dogs from escaping. Needless to say, I felt pretty judged then. So I was pleasantly surprised by the number of S’s friends who said they enjoyed reading my blog. Due to the low self-esteem I’ve written about ad nauseam, I’m always so excited when someone acknowledges they read this. So for that, I say Thanks, ladies!

• It’s the season of giving but I can’t seem to stop giving myself things. My favorite retailers have sales that are too good to pass up!

• Last week, I started a Twitter page for the mouse we found behind the garbage can at work. He had 12 followers within 2 hours, before I freaked out and shut the account down. I'd forgotten to get any sort of permission from the higher-ups about using the company name on a Twitter handle. Lesson learned.

• We’re traveling with L.E. in the spring and I’m nervous about it. Anyone have experience with giving a toddler Benadryl while flying? Does it work? Should my parenting be questioned because I’m considering drugging my child for long-distance travel?

• Sites I like: 
STFU, Parents (Even though I fear I’ll end up on there some day)
Joel Stein's Babble Blog

• L.E. pointed at Tina Fey on 30 Rock the other night and said, "Mommy!" It made me feel so good because I feel like Tina and I would be best buds if we ever met. I loved her book so much; it's the only book I've ever finished and immediately went back to page one.
It just goes to show that if you have thick dark hair, glasses and talk about food a lot, you can be just like Tina! (Minus the $13 million yearly salary that she pretends she doesn't make)

• There was a 5K today that I could have ran but I've regressed and got stuck on week 5 of the program. And because I keep getting sick, I'll probably have to go back as far as week 3 to get back into it. Ugh.

• I’m typing this on my work laptop because my desktop is tied up with the radio broadcast of the Steeler game. So this blog post shouldn’t go towards the advance I’m going to get when I finally get a book deal.

• Yes, a book deal. Next week I’ll finish my degree in social media marketing. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned to build my online “brand” and eventually get the book deal I keep hoping for. I’ve wanted to be a writer my whole life. I’m forever grateful for the invention of the internet, otherwise I would have never written a word.

• L.E.’s godparents are visiting in March for her 2nd birthday. I am so excited! But it’s around that time L.E. goes in for her hip x-rays . I keep hoping and praying everything works out but I still worry, too. Going back to my previous thought, for now my online "brand" is Hip-baby Mama. It's a cute nickname; but it's a no-brainer to say that I would trade that in a second and start over completely for L.E. to have normal hips at her next checkup.

With that, I'm signing off to go chug more purple drank. My next post will be about the recent baby bans in restaurants and movie theaters. Look for that one soon!

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