Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hip-Baby Mama Still

Hip X-ray. 9-26-11. The bones are growing at a straight angle instead of a curve.
L.E. had her 18-month hip check-up. The news wasn't the happy promising "everything looks great" I was expecting. Where the tops of L.E.'s bones should be growing at a curve, they're actually a straight angle. Dr. P. said that if that is still the case in 6 months at her 2-year checkup, we're looking at surgery to correct it followed by 6 weeks in casts.
To say this was a devastating blow is an understatement. I thought we were in the clear; I genuinely believed the worst part of L.E.'s DDH was over and she would continue to grow and be active. Dr. P. assured me that it's better to handle it when she's little or else she would need hip replacements in her 30s. I totally agree that we need to fix sooner rather than later. But the thought of trying to keep my happy, ACTIVE, toddler confined to casts is a lot to handle.
I don't really see any other course of action for the next 6 months except for hoping everything turns out OK while expecting it not to. There are a bunch of preparations we'll have to make. I don't see how I could leave L.E. in daycare while she's in casts. It would be too hard for her to see the other kids running and playing while her mobility will be so limited. Plus, there's a trick to diapering that I'm not sure I would want  to burden her daycare-givers with.
I've had a bit to digest it all and honestly, L.E. deserves better than to have a mom who's reduced to tears every time she looks at her daughter. So I'm staying strong and brave for her. We have so much fun together and I don't want that to change for a second.
T. is in his last month of working on his PhD. dissertation. So there have been a lot of long nights at work for him while I maintain the household. It's like being a single mom! But the quality time I've had with L.E. is worth it, despite the Whole Foods meltdowns and projectile vomiting. She's my little sweetheart. Every day I pick her up from school and she yells, "Mommy!" and runs to me for a big hug. That justifies everything in my book. She is so sweet and funny. She loves to show you where her belly is. And she loves to show you where YOUR belly is which is kind of embarrassing at parties.
Her vocabulary is exploding. She knows all of her favorite animals and food. She learned "pizza" and "cupcake" the other day. Yes, my child for sure.
So despite the anxiety, I have six months before I really have to start freaking out. I plan on enjoying L.E. as she is and not worry about the future. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, we shall swing.

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