Friday, April 29, 2011


Since we got back from vacation, we've had a streak of good luck where L.E. will sleep through the night. Even better, the arduous process of putting her to bed has been shortened by the realization that she'll cry for no more than 2 minutes in her crib before going to sleep. Finally. We're actually getting full stretches of sleep! Except for the fact that my body hasn't been pregnant in over a year but my bladder still thinks I am.
It's strange...what is this feeling? Could it be a sense of accomplishment? Am I actually a good mother because my kid sleeps all night? It's not a feeling I'm used to. Mildred is usually whispering in my ear that something else will happen to prove my mommy-ineptitude. 
Regardless, this was the biggest hurdle we've cleared. I feel like we can do anything with L.E. She's an amazing little girl and we're so lucky to have her.
Now if only she would drink her milk out of a sippy cup...

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  1. yeah!!!! This is awesome news. You know, I felt the SAME way when O started sleeping through the night. Like I could stop feeling like I had to avoid the question, "so, is he sleep yet?" from friends and family. I even had a canned response for that stupid question and I was beyond stoked to not have to use it any more.

    I think sleep was one of the biggest stressers we had. so nice when it finally starts to happen