Thursday, March 10, 2011

2:40 The good advice

L.E. complete with forehead bruise.
On the flip-side to yesterday's post, there are a few pieces of GREAT advice that I received and stuck with me. The best was from a friend who has 2 daughters 18 months apart: They're tough little buggers. That would go through my head when we had little "mishaps" like L.E. rolling off the couch or falling out of the Moby Wrap that wasn't tied properly (oopsies) or smacking her head off of...well too many things to count. After a few tears and Elmo-distraction, my tough little bugger was good as new minus a few bruises.
Other great advice:
You can't have too many burp rags (especially once they start on solids)
A little guilt is good (Guilt is what gets us to make sure the baby is still breathing at night)
Try to get a date-night with your husband every few weeks. (Invite some friends for a drink, too. They will enjoy seeing you sans baby and you can pretend you're your old selves!)
Check the backseat before leaving the car (You don't want to forget your baby)
Pampers Swaddlers are the nicest disposable diapers
The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD (only 30 min instead of reading an entire book)
Never underestimate how fun a trip to Target is
Even after the first few months, if anyone comes to visit make sure they bring food


  1. amen.
    these are all great.
    I needed the check the backseat one yesterday. I had O climb in while I put his sister in the car and then took of to daycare. I forgot to actually buckle him in there. ack! (good thing we only have a 2 minute drive)

    We also had an moment this christmas where Andy forgot to get the baby-girl from the car. He joined us all after parking and I just looked at him and said,'Um, where's the baby?" he almost fainted.

    yep, good thing they are tuff.

  2. We made it to daycare without being strapped in before. And that was when I still carried the whole car-seat in so all of the teachers and other parents saw first-hand what a bad mom I am :)

  3. Lisa you are not a bad mom....and despite what you think no one judges you there. We ALL love you to death...oh and Lucy too =)