Friday, March 25, 2011

17:40 -- Meatless Friday 2, The Electric Boogaloo

One thing I miss about the east coast is the Lenten Friday Fish Frys at church or the VFW. I'm convinced you can't get a decent fried fish sandwich east of the Mississippi unless you make it yourself. Which is exactly what T and I do when we're craving beer-battered fishy, tartar-y goodness. Below is our "recipe." I borrowed the measurements from

Fried Fish Sandwiches
1 lb. fresh or frozen fish fillets (I recommend Cod)
1 egg, slightly beaten
3/4 cup of beer. (I recommend an ale or pale ale)
1 c. Flour
Vegetable oil for frying
Sandwich buns (Don't skimp; get the best buns you can find)
Tartar Sauce (Either make your own or buy it. I prefer Trader Joe's)
Cut fish into six 3 inch squares about 1/2 inch thick. Beat egg; add beer. Dip fish portions in egg/beer mixture, then in flour. Fry fish in 1/4 to 1/2 inch oil on med-high heat until golden brown, about 4-6 minutes on each side. Drain on paper toweling. Toast buns in toaster oven or regular oven. Serve with plenty of tartar sauce.