Saturday, March 19, 2011

11:40 -- Hugs and hearts

There are a lot of people who deserve to have some good vibes thrown their way so I ask that you please take a moment to send out hugs and hearts to those who need it.
In particular:
My brother-in-law who stayed behind in Japan while my sister-in-law and their sons came back to the U.S. He's in the Army stationed in Japan and is actively helping with relief efforts. The people of Japan need all the good energy we can muster, too.
My friend in Pittsburgh whom I've never met but feel a kinship with. Her 6-month-old daughter just had surgery on her hips. I hope the time in her spica goes by quickly. Baby B is totally rockin' the hot-pink cast, too.
My Twitter friend in Orlando also struggling with her son's DDH. I want her to know that she's not alone and her baby boy is just perfect.
Another little guy who just celebrated his first birthday and is having his first pacemaker put in. He's a total trooper and his parents are so strong.
L.E.'s godmother who's taking her final dental assistant exams.
My 90-year-old great uncle who's always been my favorite. He taught me to play 31, uchre and so many other card games.
My husband, who does an amazing job taking care of his family while still accomplishing his own goals. He just needs a little more ooomph to get over the final hurdle.
And lastly, my sweet L.E. I hope her little body keeps doing what it's supposed to. If not, I know we'll be as strong as the other hip-baby families and will lead by their amazing example.

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