Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We saw Dr. P. yesterday and unfortunately, L.E.'s hips still weren't in place. He prescribed a different brace that will hopefully be more effective. It goes around her waist and secures her hips at a 70-degree angle. It's much easier to get on and off than the Pavlik harness was but it's not as practical. She doesn't fit in her carseat with it on so we'll have to take it off when she's in the seat. She initially wasn't a huge fan of the brace, as in she cried nonstop for a really long time. But she also could have been in hysterics because her grandparents left yesterday after catering to her every whim for the last two weeks. L.E. is certainly a lucky granddaughter.
Dr. P. says a specialist with over 30 years of pediatric-orthopedic experience will be operating a clinic here next Friday. We scheduled an appointment with him so hopefully we'll get the benefit of his experience, too. I feel like Dr. P. gives us a different scenario every time we've seen him and I really want a second opinion. At least Dr. P. has been a bit nicer as time goes by.
So far, L.E. has gone against the grain on every facet of dysplasia. One in 1000 babies are born with it; 80% are fixed with the Pavlik harness; 50% have success with the brace...let's hope this is the one odd she's not against!

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  1. I am happy to hear that there is another option to try before the cast. I will keep praying that this will work. Lots of love!