Monday, May 17, 2010

First week in the brace

L.E. has been in her brace for a week now. Her dad and I have gotten used to it quite quickly. It's a lot larger than the harness but it comes off much easier so diaper changes aren't as cumbersome. Also, it doesn't fit when she's in her car seat so she gets a little break from it every time she goes some place which makes her happy.
We have an appointment this Friday with the out-of-town expert. I don't count that as a second opinion because the guy will be working with Dr. P. I don't know what my expectations are other than some honest answers about what we're facing and a timeline of how it will pan out. I don't buy clothes for L.E. anymore because I have no idea if she'll be in casts in the fall or if the brace will stay on or what. I get that this isn't an exact science but Dr. P's treatment options change every time we see him. It will be nice to get a straight answer.
I have some questions, too. Will L.E. be able to roll over on her own with this brace? Does this mean her risk of SIDS is non-existent? Will it hinder her ability to crawl? Does her lower back hurt while she's sleeping because her legs are so weighted? (In yoga, it's called "dead-bug pose")
I'm impressed with her ability to push herself up during tummy-time and I hope it will help strengthen her upper body in the long run. She can still fit in her swing and her bouncy seat. The Bumbo, on the other hand, will have to stay in the closet.
So many questions. I haven't done much to find other people in the area that have children with DDH. We saw a couple with their daughter both at the doctor's office and at the orthotics outfitter and I'm still kicking myself for not getting their name. Their daughter had surgery at 18 months. She was still in casts.
L.E. is lucky her DDH was caught on day 1. Every day I hope that she'll have no memory of DDH except for photos and our stories.

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  1. Now I have lots of questions about the brace.I'm sad about the bumbo, he looked so cute in it :(

    Did your daughter sweat in the brace? that one is the exact one Andrew has now, but it seems like he sweats so much, it wets his clothes, so every time i need to change his diaper i change his clothes too. He moves so much during diaper changes, I need help when there is someone available.

    My baby cried for 2 whole days after the cast removal, it was horrible, I thought he would be so much happier, but at least he seems to like the brace. Anything is better than the cast!