Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pavlik Harness: a love-hate relationship

I've mentioned the Pavlik harness and thought I'd post an image of it. L.E.'s is not as cute as this purple one. Hers is white with red clasps. I ask you, Swedish makers of the Pavlik harness: Why WHITE? I've seen pics of dark blue ones and wish we were that lucky.
L.E.'s now has been accented with pink Mylicon stains. She's only peed on it once and I think she'll eventually figure out that when she pees on it, it gets to come off for a few hours.
We have to remove the legs to change her diapers because she's a bit of a sprayer. We've managed to cover it up with clothes. She wears a onesie with the harness over it. We put socks on her feet so they don't get chafed. Not sure what summer will be like but for now, you can barely tell she has it on. Sometimes she looks like a linebacker, though

In her Easter outfit, you couldn't even tell she had it on. Fluffy bunny slippers do wonders for covering the harness up!

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