Friday, March 27, 2015

Is My Child Gifted?

For some reason, I never unsubscribed from BabyCenter alerts. Today this one showed up:
13 Signs Your Child is Gifted

I giggled my way through it because it's about as arbitrary as you can get when it comes to five-year-olds. But I'm sure there are tons of parents out there who obsess about this once they see those two pink lines on a pregnancy test.

I really didn't think I would have to worry about L.E. being gifted until 2nd grade. But what the hell, BabyCenter, I'll bite.

Let's see if L.E. is gifted.

  • Thinks abstractly – that is, she grasps advanced mathematical and linguistic concepts and can talk about such complex issues as ethics, morality, and religion. The other day, she asked me why the sun shines and then said, "It must be because it's smiling so much its face hurts and then it farts so it goes away." Mind-blowing, eh?
  • Has a specific talent, such as the ability to perform mathematical calculations in her head or understand concepts like multiplication before they are taught in school. I asked her what 2 x 2 is and she said 4. I asked what 3 x 3 is and she said 4. I asked 1 x 1 and she said 4. 
  • Is able to concentrate intently on one activity for long periods of time. Give her an iPad and she won't move for hours.
  • Has a large vocabulary and understands words not typically used by her peers. A car was coming as I was backing out of the driveway so I hit the brakes quickly. L.E. yelled, "OH SHIT!" I couldn't even get mad at her because her context was perfect.
  • Is a leader who often organizes group activities, such as initiating games with other children. "Mom, wanna play Hide & Seek? Mom, where are you going? You can't hide in the bathroom again!" Much door-banging ensues.
  • Is confident in her accomplishments and ideas "I'm the best drum-playing ever!" "I'm great at putting my shoes away." "I'm so good at drawing!"
  • Performs well academically. I can read her writing so that counts.
  • Is creative and loves to tell stories, draw, or compose songs. This is the story she told me the other day: "There is a rabbit named Jack. He is not a Jackrabbit. The end."
  • Has a sense of humor and appreciates wit. She giggles at farts. And the Silas Ramsbottom part of Despicable Me 2 reduces her to hysterics.

  • Prefers to spend time with older children and adults. As an only child, she has no choice most days.
  • Performs academic work that is two years ahead of her grade level. I can't figure out how to answer this because I don't know what 2nd graders learn. I'll take a pass on this one. Is this one of those "answer yes to more than five of these?" or is it "answer yes to ALL of these?"
  • Is sensitive to other people's feelings. "Mommy, you know what will make you feel better? Giving me jelly beans!"
  • Memorizes facts easily and can recall them and relate them at appropriate times. "Mom, please don't let George out the front door because then he runs away and you leave me in the yard like you did that one time." That happened over two years ago. And she told the story to my parents during Christmas dinner so she doesn't necessarily have "appropriate" down yet...
So what do you think? Should I be contacting MENSA? Does it really matter if she's gifted?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


L.E. is five today.
Deep breath.
I don't have the normal anxiety I do about her birthday. She's five and that's a pretty incredible age. She still needs me and is still filled with wonder about the world.
Her class held a special celebration of life today and I was invited to share her story and photos. I don' t know how I didn't cry!

Her classmates each volunteered to say something nice about her.
"I love her so much."
"I like it when she chases me."
"I like it when she laughs."
"She is the best girl in the class."
"I love her."
"I like it when she catches me."
"I love her smile."

Then her teachers:
"She brings such joy to the class."
"I love her clothes because they are so her."
"She is so smart and loving."
"She brightens our day every day."

Next it was my turn.
"I am so lucky to be your mom. You are the sweetest and best little girl in the world. I love how you are such a great helper and you make me laugh more than anyone. I love you."


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I let L.E. be my #ToddlerStylist for five days. I figure it's win-win: I don't have to stress about what to wear and she gets to earn stars for her chore chart.
As much as I would love this idea to have been 100% mine, it wasn't. Summer from The Girls With Glasses got to write about her experience on a much larger scale but that still doesn't mean the rest of us can't join in.

L.E. seems to get laziness from me because she didn't want to bother with clothes in my dresser. It was closet only. The results were pretty great! L.E. has paid attention to things I like to wear and she did an awesome job of putting things together, including shoes and jewelry.

Day 1: All three pieces are from CAbi but weren't made to go together. Surprisingly, this worked though it's very uncomfortable to wear non-fitted jeans tucked into boots. Also, tube top.

Day 2: CAbi again! This is a top that's meant to be worn post workout *snort*. She picked the navy sweater and said "black pants." 

Accessory close-up: The necklace Daddy got me and my Vinca USA unicorn ring.
My earrings are custom-made by my sister.

Day 3: This was as wacky as she got. Pattern-on-pattern is not something I would have tried alone. It didn't look too bad! Cardigan is from ModCloth. Tank is – you guessed it – CAbi.

Jewelry included more earrings by my sister and my ruby anniversary ring from Red Envelope.

Day 4: Giving the kid credit: she pays attention to my favorite pieces – CAbi again. But I wouldn't have paired it with pink shoes. One of her classmates told me it was the wrong season for high heels. I told her every season is ok for high heels!
I didn't get an accessories close-up but I'm wearing Stella & Dot earrings and a Kendra Scott necklace. #basicbitch

Day 5: She grabbed this blouse out of my closet and said, "This! Aunt Margie got you this!" Yes, it's my dear friend and sister-wife who is the only person allowed to buy me clothes. I've been unsure about this top – from JCrew – because I feel like it's not flattering. But my stylist proved my instincts wrong and yanked the black cardigan off the hanger and said, "You love this shirt so wear it too!" The kid gets me...

She did not dress me in this photo but she dressed herself and loved that I'm also wearing navy and white stripes. My dress is from StitchFix, which is my latest addiction. If you are lazy and hate the frustration that goes with shopping – fitting rooms, too-small dresses, yelling for the 20-year-old size 00 workers to come help you get out of the too-small dress, sweating, sobbing....StitchFix is for you.

Click here to get started.

All in all, it was a really fun experiment! I learned several things from letting my four-year-old be my #ToddlerStylist.
1. I take terrible mirror-selfies.
2. Nobody at work ever notices my clothes.
3. I only own jeans and leggings.
4. I love my red hair.
5. Red lipstick can pull a whole outfit together.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Five Little Things that have Totally Changed Since I Became a Mom

The title of this post seems very Austin Moms Blog-ish. But I figured since L.E. is about to turn five – and i'm procrastinating planning her birthday party – I thought I would reflect on the little changes in my life. These aren't the HUGE things that happen when you become a parent, like all of your love and worry go into this tiny person who doesn't understand logic or reason and can make you go insane while wondering how you ever lived without them...that's a whole other post. I'm talking about the little things that used to be simple but now require tactical-mission planning.

1. Movies. We used to go to movies ALL THE TIME. Every Saturday we would go to the movie theater in downtown Reno, gorge on popcorn and smuggled-in sodas and then have a drink either at the Tap House or wine bar nearby. Now when the Oscars come on, I realize I have no idea what any of the nominated movies are nor do I know any of the songs that are not from a kids' movie. I didn't even know the animated ones this year! (How did The Lego Movie get the shaft?)

2. Shopping. My after-work trips to Target are a thing of the past. My commute is about 45 minutes at night so I'm usually racing home to see L.E. and Dr. T. The working-mom guilt still persists when I realize that I only have about four hours a night of quality time with her before she explodes in a rage because I selfishly kept her up till 10. There are no more leisurely trips to Target where I can spend $75 on useless crap. And when I needed to buy a nice dress for my girls trip to Vegas, I had to take L.E. with me which was fun for about an hour. She was perfect, it was me who had the fitting room meltdown when I got stuck in a dress. Luckily, I didn't have to yell for someone who worked there like that time at Zara when three size 00 gals had to practically cut me out of a size 10. (I digress...)

She never judges.

3. Shoe shopping. See above. I used to go to DSW on a regular basis. Now I can't even recall the last pair of shoes I bought.

4. Brunch. Going out for breakfast on a Sunday morning was a highlight of my week. We'd have to wait for a table for over an hour, though, which just isn't going to happen these day. But the upside to this is most taco places are counter service and delicious. Everyone wins!

5. Music. I work with a bunch of people who are younger than me and they're always talking about this awesome show last weekend or this incredible record that's coming out. I used to be way on top of the music scene. Once I became a mom, I lost interest in keeping up with musical trends. I still like what I've always liked. I'm sure I'll get made fun of for this but I'm non-ironically excited for new Modest Mouse and Death Cab albums. As far as seeking out the next huge band that you've never heard's just not me anymore.

This isn't meant to sound like a plea for my old life. In fact, I love my life now and I don't really care that the only movies I see are from Disney and Dreamworks. I don't need to buy the useless crap from Target and shoes are over-rated. I would much rather hear L.E. jam on her accordion than hear the latest track from that Swedish band who's about to make it big.
And T is a master of the breakfast taco; I can eat those at home while wearing my PJs.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Throughout the years, I have cultivated relationships with many women who have blessed me with their friendship. My girlfriends are my family. Sure, my husband is amazing. But there are millions of things that I just can't talk about with him.
With girlfriends, I can talk about anything. Sex, money, clothes, sickness, motherhood, alcohol...
I am lucky to be friends with women who take care of me.

Who would bring me fried chicken when I was pregnant and on bed rest?
A girlfriend
Who spent an entire Cyber Monday scouring the internet for the perfect pair of Gucci shoes to give me for Christmas?
A girlfriend
Who did not get mad at me for puking on her back porch, through her living room, up the stairs and all over the bathroom?
A girlfriend
Who would convince me to skip belly dancing lessons to go eat pizza?
A girlfriend
Who leaves me brand new tubes of mascara on my front porch because she wants me to try it?
A girlfriend
Who do I call for fashion advice?
A girlfriend
Who brought me soup when I was sick while Dr. T was out of town?
A girlfriend
Who tells me to "Treat. Yo. Self"?
A girlfriend
Who gives me career advice and tells me I'm strong and that I can do anything?
A girlfriend
Who "gets" me like no other and knows that yes, I do want the last scoop of macaroni and cheese?
A girlfriend
Who would go to lunch with me and order dessert first?
A girlfriend
Who sent me a leg lamp in the mail even though we hadn't spoken in months?
A girlfriend
Who would sit in a bar with me wearing black and gold and cheer on the Steelers just for me?
A girlfriend
Who would I go shopping with for expensive jeans?
A girlfriend
Who do you call when you have a "waxing mishap?"
A girlfriend
Who invited me to the VIP area of a club in Vegas despite not having seen me in 20 years?
A girlfriend
Who gets it when you need to vent about everybody in the world – including your child – is being a total jerk?
A girlfriend
Who understands my relationship with food and never judges me for it?
All of my girlfriends

I am very lucky.